Beary Wild Slots

The Beary Wild Slots features original promotions, such as the free spins and progressive jackpots, so if your goal for the year is to win big, this is going to be the best option for you. With this slot come hours of amusement, and that’s all with a special thanks to the developers. You can easily see how much effort was put into this game, so if that’s an important factor to you, then perhaps play today. This review is going to touch on the topics of aesthetics, gameplay, and promotions. It’s going to give you an all rounder first impression, so see it here and get to know it today.

Gorgeous graphics and impressive gameplay

The Beary Wild Slots is one of those games that puts a special energy into the design. This is something that we like to see, time and time again. It never gets old, and supplies us with an impressive amount of happiness. The developers of the Beary Wild Slots are RTG, who are commonly known as Real Time Gaming. These guys are really popular so you’ve probably heard of them before. They never let us down, and especially not with the Beary Wild Slots.

The grid in the Beary Wild Slots comes in at a 5x3, on top of there being 20 betways too. These are great numbers to have by your side, and they’re definitely going to come in handy when you least expect it. One of the final things that we wanted to include is the fact that there’s a minimum bet of 0.2, and a maximum bet of 2. The numbers are great, we know, but what else does the Beary Wild Slots have to offer? Keep on reading through the review if you wish to learn about everything that’s here.

From fantastic features to symbols in the Beary Wild Slots

The Beary Wild Slots also ticks the features box. There are so many of them in here, and they are all super worthwhile. Some of the biggest ones are the free spins, progressive jackpots, scatter symbols and lastly, the wilds. For symbols, try the bears, bees, flowers and forest ones.

The Beary Wild Slots in a nutshell

The Beary Wild Slots has been a player's favorite, for many reasons. Play with them today and uncover the truth that lies within, you’re not going to be disappointed with the results. Play the Beary Wild Slots today!